Sapitwa Project House brings together expert practitioners in a variety of spheres to visualize, prepare, fund and implement much needed infrastructure and development projects throughout Southern Africa. Our core operating model is what we term the Vision-Resources-Reality Nexus. Simply explained, a project owner/sponsor’s vision must be brought into harmony with available technological and investment capital resources, in order to become a functioning reality. The vision must also be in harmony with the reality of its operating environment in terms of political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental factors.

Project Preparation and Investor Risk Aversion, particularly in the African infrastructure and development market context are the two key challenges for Project Sponsors and Implementing Agents and we address both directly through our service offering.

In bringing together the project sponsors vision, and our technical, financial, environmental/regulatory, legal, construction and operation expertise, the Sapitwa Project House achieves the balancing of the Vision-Resource-Reality Nexus.

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