The importance of bankable feasibility studies in the implementation of PPP/BOOT/Concession and Privatization projects cannot be overstated. A bankable project is defined as a project or proposal that has sufficient collateral, future cashflow, and high probability of success, to be acceptable to institutional lenders for financing.

We develop bankability analysis by evaluating the underlying business case behind each project so that collateral, cashflow and probability of success are easily proven on the basis of realistic internal and external influencing factors.

We are currently busy with Bankable Feasibilities for:

Namibia – Mixed Use Development

Malawi – Hydropower and Waste to Energy Projects

Ghana – Renewable Energy Projects

Malawi – Urban Transport Systems

South Africa – Social Housing and Tertiary Level Student Accommodation, Agricultural Processing, Industrial Hub revitalization

SADC – Agricultural Produce Warehousing Build and Management System